a FO and thoughts

Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 10:05 p.m.
Hey look! another Tomten jacket!
This one took forever to knit, for a variety of reasons:
-I only knit it at work (it's a store sample)
-I knit it during the end of term hell
-it's plain garter stitch. easy but boring!
But, it's finished now, and it looks beautiful. it's so soft too, which surprises me, as I'm not usually a fan of cotton.
Yarn: Estelle Cloud Cotton 5 balls (three MC, one of each of the others)

I spun this yarn up ages ago, but never blogged it. it's a light worsted, and it's been so long, I forget how many yards. There's lots though. It's Dyed in the Wool Handmade roving, which I bought back in September and spun up. It needs to be something. I'm thinking maybe mitered handwarmers, or part of a scarf.

Next up: I'm thinking of jumping on the Whisper Cardigan bandwagon. Because I don't quite have enough mindless projects on the go, right? This is the yarn I have in my stash that would work:
I think it might be too variegated. Thoughts?
I can't really justify shelling out any money for another ball for it (say, of the Tanis laceweight we just got in at the Sheep!) because I'm painfully broke this summer due to working for free, and paying tuition, and all the money I have left has to go to things like rent, and food. So, if this yarn won't work for it, I'll just have to do it another time!