Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 11:22 p.m.
I was going to take a photo of my recent spinning, but I turned on my camera, and realized the battery was dead, and I am tired, and don't want to bother dealing with it, so spinning photos later - maybe tomorrow! 

Today was day two at the ROM. I am enjoying myself. The work i'm doing is really interesting, as is the collection I'm working on, and the people are very nice. Yesterday i was inventorying the collection and it's current housing, and noting what could be improved in terms of housing it better for long term preservation. I'm waiting to hear back from the conservationist about some of the housing used - to see if it's archival, and then I will re-house what needs to be. 
Today I begun scanning the collection. I did about 1/3 of it. After it's scanned, it will be able to be searched more successfully. I'm going to number each print and it's location so that they can be tracked, and if someone is doing research, it can be found easier. 

This may sound boring to some of you, but this is what I go to school for. To me it's really fascinating, and it's great to be putting what I learned to practice, and also it's fun! 

However, the getting up at 7 am thing is hell. Also the going to bed at midnight thing is equally annoying. How do people get things done on these hours? You know, personal things: knitting, writing, spinning?  it's annoying. 

Oh, and also, after this weekend, I will be working SEVEN days a week, either at the Sheep or the ROM. No more free time for me. ever. I'm already dreading it. It's tough, but when you work an unpaid internship four days a week, you gotta pay the rent somehow.