Good lord, it's been awhile.

Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 3:14 p.m.
I kind of abandoned the blog. I'm sorry. Man, lets see, last time I posted I was still living in Roch, and working on my thesis. I am pleased to say that I finally finished that fucker. It was sketchy for a while there, my first reader and I had some pretty serious disagreements, but I was rescued by the program director, and my awesome second reader, and it all got done.
I am terribly proud of it, and I think it will be useful to the Eastman House. I will put a pdf of it up somewhere. Basically, I catalogued 25 years worth of Kodak ads from the collection, and categorised them into seven sections. It included an analysis of the themes, and time periods. It ended up being 45 pages of writing, and 200+ pages of appendix - the data from all the ads.


Here it is all bound and pretty and official, when I graduated a few weeks ago.


Here`s me and my awesome Rochester roomie, D`Arcy all hooded and gowned, at the graduation ceremony. It`s all over. I think it was worth it.


You can just call me Sarah Fay, MA.

Now I`m looking for a job, but it`s super slow going. I`m working at a computer store in the meantime, and not totally hating it.
I`ve been knitting, but it`s been slow, as I`ve got to be honest, lots of my knitting time is being swallowed by my new hobby: World of Warcraft. I think they put subliminal messaging in the game to make you addicted.

and a cat toy:
Gabby plays with the catnip toy.

and a beret:
One Day

and a sweater:
Leyfi Sweater.

and I`m now in the midst of Christmas knitting.

I`ll try to post more regularly... I hope.