Bad photos of a new hat

Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 1:59 a.m.
The other night, I knit a hat in three episodes of Supernatural, and some course reading. It was pretty awesome.

365-198: New hat.

It's called Capucine and it can be found on Ravelry. I used Briggs and Little double stranded. Honestly, I think B&L is THE best yarn out there. I LOVE it.


Also, the colour is fucked up in these photos. Man, you'd think with a degree in photography I'd understand things like colour balance. Well, I don't. : )

In other news, I am in Toronto this weekend, because Cheryl bought me tickets to see Rent this weekend. We are going tomorrow. It will be awesome!

And check out the epic icicles outside our house in Rochester:

More epic icicles.

They are awesome, even if it does mean that the house is losing crazy amounts of heat. Every house in the neighbourhood is like that... likely because they are all ancient houses.


I am mean.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 2:06 a.m.
You see what I did in the last post? I went away for a month, finally blog again, and it's a clip show! What a douche I am!

Well, not to fear, today I have NEW content.
(unless you are on Ravelry, which, everyone is, so I'll try to post something even NEWER)

I finished mittens last week:


And what pretty mittens they are!

My Fiddleheads are knit with Diamond's Alpaca Peru on the outside, and pure cashmere from School Products in NYC on the inside. They are beautiful, and almost too warm! I love them!


I almost ripped them out while knitting, because after I had finished the first two colours, I didn't like the way they looked together. But I stuck it out, and I'm glad I did!

They were part of the Fiddlehead KAL @ the Sheep, and took me a little longer then a month, including Christmas knitting, finals, and H1N1. So, not bad all in all!

Today was the first day of class. Tomorrow is the second day. Then Thursday, I'm heading home (already) to see Rent (it was a christmas gift from my sister!) Which means...train knitting! Yay! I'm currently on season 2 of Supernatural - excellent knitting TV. I think I'll bring my Springtime bandit to work on.

Oh Hai! Remember me?

Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 11:15 p.m.
Oh dear. I went home for the holidays, and forgot all about my blog. So sorry.
(but in my defense, there was christmas knitting, then I got H1N1.)

To make up for it, here's a montage of ALL my FO's from 2009:

2009 FO's

That's 33 Finished objects, for those who are too lazy to count!
8 shop samples
7 grown up sweaters
3 little sweaters
3 pairs of socks
6 hats
2 blankets
1 ginormous scarf
1 penis

I consider that quite an achievement, considering I've also been in grad school this whole time.

Other interesting things that happened to me in 2009:
• Trip to NYC in February
• Internship at the Royal Ontario Museum in the summer
• Knitting classes with Annie Modesitt, and Fiona Ellis @ the Naked Sheep
• The big move to Rochester NY
• Seeing many many amazing photographs in real life, and not behind glass, including Talbot's Pencil of Nature in Ottawa, Atget's at Ryerson, and Lewis Hine, Julia Margaret Cameron, Timothy O'Sullivan and many, many more at the GEH.

Am back in Rochester now. Expect more from me soon! promise!