Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 11:15 p.m.
So, I got home on Tuesday evening, and Dave tells me that his computer isn't working. It's not. I couldn't get it to work. It was starting up, but the display wasn't coming on. Apparently, I'm a technology jinx, or the gods are punishing me for not buying applecare, but Dave's computer wasn't working.
Off he goes to the Apple Store on Wednesday after work. The verdict : some faulty graphics card on the logic board thingy. Luckily, this is a manufacturers defect, so it's getting fixed FREE! (which is all we can afford right now.)

So, we're 3-5 days without a computer. This is day five actually, and it has been TORTURE. we're not sure if weekends count in this, so it could still be two more days. IT IS HELL.

I'm blogging right now, courtesy of my dear, darling, amazing, wonderful sister, who lent me her computer for the night, since she saw how desperate I was getting. as we speak I'm downloading Torchwood - which it's been KILLING ME not to watch all this week! But i've got to give it back to her tomorrow night.

Today was my Dad's fiftieth birthday party. I finished the sweater in time, and it fit, which is the most important part:


Terrible photo, but you get the point!

Anyways, more in 3-5 days, when we get Dave's computer back!