The ongoing saga of my computer.

Sunday, July 19, 2009 at 12:43 a.m.
We get dave's computer back, and when I looked at the repair sheet, I found out that they had replaced the whole logic board.
Dave and I have the same computer. Bought on the same day, same make, model, everything. If his computer had a faulty logic board, chances are good mine did too... right?
So I took off to the Apple Store, again, to see what they thought. The guy at the genius bar agreed that both computers failing within a week of each other was pretty sketchy. So he ran the graphics card test on my computer, which of course, didn't work, because with a fried logic board, it won't even start up. He gave me the number of Apple customer relations, and told me to give them a call and explain my case, since, without the record that my computer failed the graphics test, he couldn't authorize a replacement of the part.
So I called. I explained my case to the guy, and he said he'd look into it for me.
Yesterday, I got a call back from Apple, telling me that since the test on my Macbook was inconclusive, they were going to AUTHORIZE A REPAIR FOR FREE!!!
I took it in today. It'll be ready in a few days. I'm thrilled! I just saved myself 2,000 dollars by doing some research, and standing up for myself.

Apple has amazing customer service. Even if they didn't replace my part, i would have been satisfied with the service I got. The genius bar people are always friendly, honest, and helpful, even though they must see many pain in the ass people. The guy on the phone actually listened to my issue, which is rare for customer service people. Then, once they OK'd the repair, they arranged it all for me. I am so impressed. Not that I was EVER planning on switching to PC, but this experience has just left me feeling even better about Macs in general.

A few more days... then I'll have a computer again. Just like a real person. Dave will be very relieved!