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Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 12:09 a.m.
Another week. Four left at the ROM, then I get three off, then I move to Rochester. We've started apartment hunting, but there's not much available for Sept yet. (In case you didn't know... we doesn't mean me and Dave, Dave is staying here : ( We means me, and my friend D'Arcy, roommate to be, and classmate.)

In other news though, Today at the ROM, I switched focus. I have thus far been working with the Chinese photography. Today, I began working with the Indian photography. So, I'm back to researching, learning what I can about Indian photography in the 19th century. It's interesting.
Also, after work today, I wandered around the ROM for two hours. They're open late all week, for the Dead Sea Scrolls. It's interesting that what interests me in a museum isn't where the crowds are. I mean, the dino's are cool, but what I really like are the European, Greek, Egyptian, and Canadian galleries, and those were all empty except for your token morons laughing at Greek statues penises and staring at the mummy then leaving, without learning about anything else. grr.
I liked finding spindles in the gallery of Cyprus, and looking at the Death of General Wolfe painting, and looking at the Book of the Dead - paper that is over two thousand years old! That's preservation! Yes. This is why I'm a museum nerd.

In further other news, Tomorrow is my Dad's 50th birthday! I've knit this much sweater for him:
365-18 Sweaterwatch 2009
and the party is on Sunday. I just might pull it off.
I just finished reading Sunshine, by Robin Mckinley, and found it... alright. Nothing special. I just started reading Gods Behaving Badly, and even though I've only read 20 or so pages so far, I've already LOL'd once!
I also caved, and bought the next two Sookie Stackhouse books today. shhhh.
Oh, and in Nerdy news... the first part of Torchwood was awesome! despite me being very apprehensive about it. Can't wait till tomorrow.

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  1. Yvette Says:

    Girl, you totally need to come to the next Drunken Knitting! I think it's this coming Friday. Moving? But we never got to be best friends yet!