Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 7:51 p.m.
My laptop died.

I tried to start it up on Wednesday night and nothing. Well, something, a little light, which I suspected was worse then nothing. (This was what happened last time my laptop died.)
So, off to the Apple Store genius bar on Thursday after work where the very nice guy confirmed that yes, it's the logic board. The fucking logic board, that costs a thousand dollars to replace.
i. am. so. screwed.

So, I walked out of the Apple store, barely keeping it together. My laptop is very very important to me. As a student/photographer/internet addict/ravelry addict/designer/technophile I use it all the time. And now I can't. I'm broke, I'm working at an unpaying job the majority of the time, and I can't afford a new laptop (or the part, but let's face it, a new one is a better deal) until September when my student loan money comes through.
So anyways, Cheryl and I walk to Pickle Barrel, where she treated me to dinner, in a quiet booth, where I started crying. The waiter came and took our order, pretending he didn't notice I was just crying, and then later, i realized that we were eating at almost the same time that news broke that Michael Jackson died. The waiter probably thought I was just a REALLY big Michael Jackson fan; crying over dinner at the news!

So yeah. No computer till Sept. It's going to be an even longer summer now!
I'm currently on Dave's, but he's very possessive of it, and I can't use it for long. Cheryl is going to lend me her 8 year old G4, but i don't know how well it'll work. We'll see.

boo. I suck.


  1. Yvette Says:

    Um, actually, it's the situation that sucks, not you.
    You are awesome.

  2. Ugh, Sarah that SUCKS. I would be devastated at the loss of my laptop too. I guess even craigslist stuff is out of reach? You probably need something recent-ish to handle photo manipulations, but you could probably still find a used Macbook or something for less on there.

    Alternately you could pick up a cheap PC notebook, they're not as nice as Macs but it would certainly be cheaper and as far as I know all the same software is available.

  3. Emma Says:

    That sucks! I wish I had some great advice, or better yet some way to magic free computers into existence.

    My laptop is on its last legs but I think it's going to hold out until september when the student loans come in.

    I hope you can work something out, or that you meet someone capable of magicking free computers into existence.