What is there to do in Rochester you ask?

Monday, October 26, 2009 at 10:49 p.m.
Well, my parents and sister came to visit yesterday, and we found out!
First, we went to High Falls.
High Falls
High Falls is a giant waterfall in the middle of downtown. You'd think a tourist attraction like that would attract many people on a unseasonably warm late October day, right?
High Falls
Wrong. There was no one there!
Rochester's downtown is deserted though.
After High Falls, we went to Wegmans, the local grocery store for lunch. Unless you've been to Wegmans, you cannot understand why a grocery store is on the agenda for visiting family. Apparently, the Wegmans near my house is the biggest one in the US, and it's got sooo much! Even my father, who hates grocery stores could not shut up about it after he ate "the biggest sub ever!"
I had a tofu burrito. It was yummy.

Then, we went to the Eastman House.
I took stupid photos, since I'm there everyday, and it's nothing new to me!
Cheryl talking to Mr. Eastman.
Here's Cheryl reading the newspaper over George Eastman's shoulder.
Mirror, George Eastman House
And us outside the Discovery Room, which is the best room in the house!
Cheryl with her prize winning elephant, George Eastman House
And Cheryl on the grand staircase.

After GEH, we went to Target, because obviously, my sister and my mom wanted to go shopping! I bought some clothes!
Then we went to dinner.
Then they drove home, and I wrote a paper on Nicole Richie. Grad school is fun!