Remember me?

Thursday, October 22, 2009 at 12:19 a.m.
Yeah, No excuse. I'm going to blog more often. I swear!

Well, school is going well. I've been home to Toronto twice so far, and am planning two more trips home before the end of the semester. Also, I'm planning on going to NYC in a few weeks for the weekend, to see both the Robert Frank show at the Met, and some other stuff. It'll be fun!

Studying at the George Eastman House is pretty awesome. I love working with the collections material- the stuff we get to see on a daily basis is pretty great. Also, all the instructors are great.
I'm beginning to think of ideas for my thesis project. A Masters thesis is only about 30 pages - max, and so it's not as involved as a PhD dissertation. It can be a research paper, or a practical project. I always thought I'd do the practical project, it's no secret that writing essays aren't my favourite thing to do. But I've come to realize that I actually like research, and I've got a few good ideas that I'm tossing around in my head. Plus, if I ever want to do my PhD, getting accepted will be pretty tough without a research-based thesis. I'm not saying I want to graduate and apply for more school, but it's a possibility some day.

In knitting news, I've been designing a few things. I'm waiting to get my SLR back before I put them up on Ravelry. (it's currently back in Toronto... I'll have it back this weekend!)
Also, I'm working on some deadline knitting. A christmas gift, and a birthday gift. So, in true Sarah fashion, I cast on some gloves for me tonight! I needed a break from deadline knitting. I have enough stress in my life, knitting should be fun!
This is the first time I've made gloves. I'm still on the cuff... we'll see how they go.

Ok... that's all i've got for now, class at 9 tomorrow morning, got to get to sleep!

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  1. Becky B Says:

    I can't believe how bored I am. It's a pretty good indication when I am actually reading a blog... and that's not an insult, more of a compliment since I don't read blogs but I am actually reading yours!!! Miss you, see you soon I hope. I am in desperate need of a road trip and change of scenery if only a temporary one. Deadline knitting totally sucks!!! You have inspired me to drop what I am knitting for others and start something new for me. You are the best.