Snowstorm aftermath.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 5:55 p.m.
Apparently, that was the biggest snowstorm in three years. The snow was crazy!
Here's what it looked like when D'Arcy and I went out on a walk the next evening:

Rochester snowstorm Feb 2010

365-243: Snow - the next day.
It came up to my knees!

Rochester snowstorm Feb 2010
The Eastman House gardens.

Rochester snowstorm Feb 2010

Rochester snowstorm Feb 2010

Then, despite the snow, Cheryl came to visit me!
It was fun. We ate too much, and watched Heroes and Supernatural, and on Sunday we went to a concert!
It was Frank Turner, and Flogging Molly. I love Frank Turner, and it was awesome because we got to meet him:

365-245: Frank Turner!

But things got shitty from there. During Flogging Molly, there was a crazy crowd. Now I've been going to punk shows since I was fifteen and thought I was badass. I'm old now. Cheryl and I just wanted to have a few drinks, dance, and enjoy the concert.
The security guards went into the crowd (i'm not sure why, everyone was being very friendly) Someone pushed me, which wasn't an unusual thing, I got pushed around a lot, but this time, I got pushed into security. Hard. They grabbed me, one on each arm and ejected me from the frigging show dragging me the whole way, despite me trying to explain that I was pushed, that my younger sister was in there, and would panic if she couldn't find me.
So I stood outside, in the snow for 45 minutes, in a t-shirt until the show was over. They wouldn't let me back in for my coat, or to find Cheryl who was panicking. Finally, after Cheryl had accosted all the security guards inside telling them that she couldn't find me, she walked by the door and I saw her.
Long story short: Don't go to concerts at the Main Street Armory in Rochester. I'm a fucking 26 year old grad student. I didn't DO anything. The security are assholes.
Nice to pay for a concert you only got to see half of though.