Vintage photographs.

Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.
Today D'Arcy and I went to Bloomfield, a nearby town with a lot of antique markets. I spent 11 dollars total, but walked away with some awesome photographs, and some vintage buttons.

vintage buttons

These are the buttons. I'm thinking about them for my upcoming olympic Moch cardi, or perhaps for the Vine Lace cardigan.

I've never posted photos of my vintage photo collection. I've managed to amass some awesome things.

Early Photobooth?
This I bought today. I think it's an early photobooth portrait.

The same lady is in all three!

The same lady is in all three!

The same lady is in all three!
Those three photos came in a set, and all of them have the same woman in it. They are all postcards, and from reading the back, we determined her name is Ellie.

From a Kodak #1
This one i've had for awhile. It's a photo from an old Kodak #1 - the first point and shoot camera -"You press the button, we do the rest."

Hand coloured postcards
This is a hand coloured postcard. I have a set of postcards that I keep meaning to frame and hang, all of which are hand coloured.

Hand coloured postcards

Hand coloured postcards

Niagara Falls studio
This one is a portrait of two men in a studio (I'm assuming) in Niagara Falls. There's a painting of the Falls behind them.

I keep all my photographs in an archival box that I made with trays for different sized prints. As a rule I don't pay more than a couple of bucks for any of them, and I choose whatever interests me, either because of the process, or the image.

my collection.