I made gloves!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at 11:28 p.m.
Back when I was learning to knit, my grandmother used to tell me that mittens were easy to make and gloves were impossible. She used to tell me that she could never figure out how to make the fingers.
So, I have made many pairs of mitts. I have made sweaters, toys, lace shawls, and socks. But I always overlooked the glove patterns. I dismissed them as "too hard." Despite the fact that I had become a much better knitter, and I guess if I thought about it, I realized that I was not lacking any of the skills needed to make them.

Well, I finally made gloves.
And they weren't hard!

365-136: Dudes, I made gloves.

They're from the fall 09 Vogue knitting. I was reluctant to make them, also because they're from Vogue. But the pattern was well written, I had no problems!


They're made from Socks that Rock lightweight, gifted to me from Sue before I left for Rochester. I've actually never worked with STR before (I have two more skeins in the stash though!) I found that it bled a lot! I had marks around my fingers where the yarn wraps. But it's a pretty colour!


I know they won't keep me warm in the crazy winter, but I've got fair-isle mitts for that... these are for fall!

I wish I could show them to my Grandma.


  1. Emma Says:

    They look great. I am scared of gloves, too.

    I bet your grandmother would be really proud.

  2. carolin Says:

    They are gorgeous!!! And yes, your grandma would be in awe...