One year.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 10:28 p.m.

One year ago today, our beautiful, amazing kitties, River and Gabby started living with us.
River and Gabby are sisters, who have had a number of close shaves in their lives that they are blissfully unaware of.
They were found, abandoned at two weeks old, too young to really remember I'm guessing. The woman who found them brought them in, took them to the vet, and took care of them for eight months. They were spayed, had all their shots, and as far as I know were taken good care of.

Then, their owners decided to get rid of them. They placed an ad on Craigslist, which admittedly, let them bypass the shelter, but since they were given away for free, they could have ended up with anyone. (crazy medical testing, for instance) I happened to be trolling Craigslist obsessively at the time, looking for some kitties to take home. Their old owners cited allergies as the reason for getting rid of them. I believed them, because they seemed like nice people. We took them home, changed their names (really? Molson? Phoebe? who names a cat after a corporation?) and in less then a week they were completely comfortable with us. I later checked the Facebook page of one of the people who had given them to us (I was looking for photos of them as kittens) and it turns out that the day after they adopted out the kitties, they got a puppy. Looks like they weren't allergic after all, they just wanted to "upgrade"


I named River (after River Tam from Firefly) and Dave named Gabby (after some character from Xena?) and then they chose their favourites themselves. River is Daves kitty, for sure. She climbs all over him, meows at him in the morning, and wraps her paws around his leg when he's standing up. She hardly ever comes near me. Gabby on the other hand, follows me around the house. When I get home, if I don't sit down and pet her for at least five minutes, she gets upset. She waits until I'm awake in the morning, and climbs up onto my chest, purring.


They were really lucky. They have passed through unfortunate circumstances without really noticing. We will never abandon them. They are our kitties, and we love them to little tiny pieces.